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Personal information necessary to apply for medical insurance 24.12.2018

To apply for your Czech medical insurance it is necessary that you provide the following personal information: Full name and surname

New branch of Centrum of Insurance for foreigners in Prague 21.08.2017

Dear friends and clients! Centrum of Insurance for foreigners has opened a new branch in the center of Prague on the address Vaclavské náměstí 48


Health insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic by

According to the law 326/1999 on the stay of foreigners on the territory of the Czech Republic, every foreigner living in the country who has a long-term visa for a period of more than 90 days (residence permit in the Czech Republic), is from 01.01.2011 obliged to have comprehensive health insurance, issued exclusively in a czech insurance company.

To extend the long term residence permit in the Czech Republic and when applying for permanent residence it is necessary to provide czech comprehensive health insurance with insurance coverage of 1.500.000 CZK (60,000 euros).

For short term visits to Czech Republic (for a period of less than 90 days) or transit trips through the neighboring Czech Republic countries of Europe it is also sufficient to issue basic health insurance with the Schengen program.

  3 month's 6 months' 1 year 2 years
# základní from 2 100 CZK from 3 800 CZK from 7 100 CZK from 13 700 CZK
# základní from 1 800 CZK from 3 600 CZK from 7 200 CZK from 14 400 CZK
# základní from 2 400 CZK from 4 800 CZK from 9 600 CZK from 19 200 CZK
# komplexní from 6 030 CZK from 8 730 CZK from 16 470 CZK

from 30 195


Translation of documents with a legal certification

300 CZK/page

Professional court interpreter with 20 years of experience

  • Languages
  • #
  • #
  • #
  • #
  • #
  • #
Visa services - complete set of services for the extension of visa in Czech Republic
  • Free consultation on visa extension
  • Verification of documents for submission to the Ministry of interior of the Czech Republic
  • Correctly filled out applicaton
  • Term reservation for visa submission
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Alex Hrymalowski
Alex Hrymalowski

To obtain a long-term student visa to the Czech Republic, I had to provide comprehensive medical insurance covering 60,000 euros. Buying insurance online through the site went with no problems.

I chose UNIQA because it is a large and reliable international company. I was sent all the necessary documents for the Consulate and my plastic card was already waiting in Prague office on Vaclavské náměstí 48. Thank you, I shall use your services again in the future!

Ann Androshchuk
Ann Androshchuk

I have been using the services of the Center of Foreign Insurance in Prague for over a year. Previously, I bought cheap medical insurance Slavia for two years and now I made comprehensive insurance pVZP.

My sister here applied for insurance for pregnant women and was very happy with the service. Our questions are always completely answered. They explain how much insurance costs and covers and provide a list of avaible hospitals. I recommend this company to everyone!


Address: Václavské náměstí 48, Praha 1

Centrum Pojištění Cizinců - Foreigners' Insurance Center s.r.o. Samostatný zprostředkovatel dle zákona č. 170/2018 Sb. o distribuci pojištění a zajištění zapsaný v registru ČNB.
IČ: 063 63 521

Office hours:

Mon-Thu. 09:00 - 19:00
Fri. 09:00 - 18:00, Sat, Sun. - closed